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We at Satt Tourism & Travel believe that our customers deserve great travel experience full of comfort and adventure, so we strive to satisfy them by giving them the opportunity to visit any destination they may ask and request.



Satt offers several services to it's customers by understanding exactly what trip they need and what destination they want  by giving the best booking of airlines to Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, Australia and Americas. Furthermore, Satt is giving the chance to visit the most wonderful and attractive countries like Bangkok, Malaysia, Istanbul, Maldives, France, UK , Greece and many entertainment trips over the world.


Indeed, one of the great services Satt offers to it's customers is that our customers will not be left alone once the customer contact us to book a ticket to any destination he or she may like, we in Satt are responsible for providing all possible services that accompany this booking.


Our International Great Destinations

International Destination



Singapore-Philippines-China-Malaysia-Pakistan-Bangkok-India-Bangladesh-Sri Lanka.

Middle East



Germany-France-Italy-UK-Austria-Viena-Turkey-Greece-Cyprus-Sweden-Denmark-Spain & many other Europe destinations


Morocco-Algeria-Tunisia-Mauritius-North & South Africa destinations

Arabian Gulf

Qatar-Bahrain-Saudi Arabia-Kuwait-Oman


And many other destinations Satt is ready to serve its customers by issuing tickets and confirm them by our professional travel team agents.



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